10 GIFs that perfectly summarize college

Sometimes GIFs do more justice than words, and these GIFs are a hilariously accurate depiction of what life is like for a college student.

1. When everyone goes out on the weekend and you don’t want to so you’re just there like:

2. When you got negative hours of sleep last night and you get back from class and just:


3. When you forget to eat all day then all of a sudden it’s midnight and you’re like:


4. When your roommate comes in at 3am and wakes you up:


5. When there’s that one annoying kid in class:


6.  When you see someone around campus who you had an awkward encounter with over the weekend:


7. When you haven’t started a paper that is due by midnight:


8. When your class gets cancelled:


9. When it’s Monday:


10. When it’s finally the weekend:


Hope you got a laugh out of these gifs that I think perfectly describe College – and that you completely agree with me.



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