day 6 – unwavering

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Yesterday, I went hiking at Red Mountain Park with one of my best friends.  Not only was it a time of experience and exercise, but also a time of reflection and rumination.  As we walked up and down the surrounding rocks, it became silent. The only sound came from the rustling of the leaves and the wind blowing through the trees. In that moment, time stopped.  I was alone with my thoughts, alone with God.  God, the one that made it all, effortlessly and flawlessly.  It was just Him and me, leading me along the path he created.  For those two hours, time stood still, and life moved a little bit more painlessly.  In this space of meditation, I realized something.  I realized that this unwavering nature, this unchanging God, is so much greater than any of our worries and any of our trials.  Miles after we walked under the trees and the setting sun behind the leaves, I realized this.  The things that we spend our time fearing and being weary about are so insignificant in the grand scheme of this land God has so effortlessly perfected. The obstacles we face and the demons we evade have no true power over the one true Author. And the even freeing thing is, this power is unwavering.  No thing of this world can stand up to the steadfast Spirit of God. Not one thing.  And I never thought being alone in the trees would make me realize these things.  How relieving it is that this world is so much bigger, so much more significant than any of the troubles we may come across.  Just when we think our world is falling apart is the moment that God shows us the exact opposite.  Just when we think we can’t take the strife of this worldly life, that’s when God tells us: There is more.  This isn’t it.  This isn’t the end. I think we tend to forget this, that the unwavering God made the trees and the leaves and the light that provides us with the day.  He did that, for us.  He had us in mind when he took the time to create nature, when he took the time to shape the places we love.  And the good news is, nothing has changed since then.  He has made everything beautiful in its time [Ecclesiastes 3:11]. Wow.  How comforting it is to know and to be reassured that the nature we see was beautifully built by God.  A God whose power cannot be measured, and it’s evident through the never-ending trees, the sun that peaks out behind the leaves. That’s what I thought about as those two hours passed under the setting sun at Red Mountain Park.  His nature is unwavering.



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