day 2 – preparation


This pile of clothes has been sitting in my room for the past 4 days, which just goes to show how excited I am to get back to the greatest school in the world.  But as I look at it more and more, I think it shows something else too, something greater than my own understanding.

I think it shows the plans God has for me, the way he aims to take my own plans, destroy them, and completely rebuild them in his purpose.  The season of growth he is preparing for me this next semester  surpasses any plans I could make on my own for the last half of my freshman year.  In my first semester, He has shown me love and He has shown me hate, He has shown me heart and He has shown me pain. Ultimately, He has shown me that whatever plan I make, whatever preparation I have, the will of His word will always, always prevail.  So, today, I look at these clothes a little differently.  I look at them as a sign of change, a sign of preparation for the season to come, and not any change or preparation for change that I could imagine on my own.  That’s what God does, he shows you his power in the most unexpected places, he destroys your plans to create infinitely more beautiful plans. I look at these clothes as a sign of the unknown, a sign of whatever God has in store for me this semester and this year. It makes me realize just how powerful our God is, and the magnitude that is His word. And I think that’s pretty amazing.



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